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Facility Engineering & Management

Fire Protection

Habor Engineering

Project & Program Management

Building Rehab

Environmental Services

Security Solutions

Site Evaluation for Security & Terrorism

Blast/Bomb Protection

Information Technology

Telecommunication Solutions

Renewable Power Generation

Land Surveying & Site Development

Subsurface Technology

Specialized Inspections

Authorized Representatives

Staffing, Training & Certification


Highness Engineering Consultants.

 Highness Engineering Consultants, the engineering subsidiary of Highness Group is a global full service multi-discipline firm, providing a wide range of professional consulting services in Architecture, Engineering, Security, Energy Consulting, Independent Power Generation, Design and Build, Fire Protection, Program & Project Management, Information Technology & Telecommunication, Research & Development, etc. Worldwide  

Highness is uniquely qualified to provide expert scientific and engineering, research, study, design and management services for new projects and rehabilitation/renovation of existing projects in  private and public sectors worldwide; including  governmental/office buildings, residential and commercial building, medical facilities, telecommunication sites, sports/entertainment complexes, hotels, educational/research laboratories, retail & shopping mall, airport, transit, rail and bus facilities, highway & bridges, parking structures, educational facility, Pipelines, refinery, nuclear facility, chemical facility, petrochemical facility, water/wastewater treatment facilities, renewable energy, etc.

We take pride in the quality and experience of our very committed staff, who are dedicated to providing our clients with swift, quality driven, cost effective and professional services that today's projects demand. Highness experts believe that our clients are best served under a single source responsibility, which can integrate, manage, respond, coordinate and ultimately deliver projects successfully.

Over the past years, Highness has built an outstanding reputation by providing high quality, expert and professional services in support of numerous projects. We have the capacity and professional qualifications to plan, implement, and complete multiple projects simultaneously.

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