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Highness Integrated Technologies - HIT (a subsidiary of Highness Group) is a full service high-tech firm specializing in designing and implementing integrated advanced technology solutions/systems. Our mission is to help our clients (consumer, small business, major corporation, public agencies) identify, plan, design and implement the solutions/systems necessary to achieve their goals, in areas of security, terrorism, telecommunication, fire protection, information technology, web conferencing, lighting, cooling systems, alternative power, audiovisual, acoustic solution, noise control, broadcasting technology, blast/bomb protection, etc

We are authorized distributor and service center for leading manufacturers of high-tech products, our technology specialist works with our clients to develop and deploy solutions to better serve your organization and ensure your satisfaction. HIT also manufacture,  market and supply customized high-tech products & services for several major applications including vehicle tracking systems,  security, building security systems, facility security, fire detection/protection, telecommunication, etc. for personal use, residential, commercial, business, healthcare, educational facilities etc.

 Our companies deliver expertise, value and solutions. We are big enough to handle our clients' needs while remaining flexible enough to attend to individual concerns. Our solutions generally include design, installation and maintenance; using advanced technology to provide thorough solutions for our clients’ needs in areas of security, telecommunication, fire protection, Information Technology, manufacturing, electrical power, etc. 

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