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Land Acquisition & Property Development

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Staffing & Training Services

Authorized Dealers

Highness Worldwide.

                             (A subsidiary of Highness Group)

Highness Worldwide is a full service global trading subsidiary of Highness Group. We provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions that help our clients better serve their customers by offering quality goods and services at best value, international sourcing for goods and services, import/export services, marketing of your products and services worldwide, freight forwarding, international express shipping, international trade services, courier services, custom brokerage, business brokerage, franchising services, expert solutions, procurement services, acquisition services, etc.  

“When time, cost or protection matter is critical, Highness delivers”

While offering the best in areas of process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering, material management, IT, telecommunications, procurement, expediting, inspection and logistics services; our guidelines and procedures meets international standard practices and transparency required by private and public organizations worldwide.

“If you need it, we provide it”

Highness develops, enhances and commercializes emerging technologies; our expertise in intellectual property, technology assessment, and commercial development makes us uniquely positioned to develop sustainable companies.  By providing capital, technology, and the expertise of a global organization, Highness is demonstrating commitment to being a leader in the development and commercialization of technologies that will shape the markets of tomorrow worldwide.

“We construct & support your businesses”

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